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Turkey's First Monolithic Refractories Company
45 Years Experience
Remsan and Production

Remsan and Production

The production of Remsan having a privileged and pioneer position in refractor production can be examined in 9 different categories:

  • Plastic refractories,
  • Castables,
  • Low-cement vibrating castables,
  • No-cement vibrating castables,
  • Gunning mixes and shotcrete materials,
  • Insulating castables,
  • Refractory mortars (binding and coating mortars),
  • High oven and injection refractories,
  • All kinds of precast (specially shaped) refractory materials,
  • Ancillary elements and anchorages.

Proved itself with its 30-year experience and production, Remsan has become the solution partner of the sectors, in which the most active and profitable firms of Turkey carry on business. This shows that Remsan has a production area covering Turkey’s industry. The sectors to which Remsan serve with its meticulous production, innovative approach as well as with the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction and quality production-service-marketing understanding can be listed as follows:

  • Iron -steel sector
  • Foundries
  • Aluminum sector
  • Rolling plants
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Chemistry sector
  • Cement sector
  • Lime sector
  • Energy production facilities
  • Ceramic sector
  • Facilities producing all kinds of boilers and ovens.
  • Glass industry
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